Hemera E100 Spot Light

YODN Hemera E100 is a product design for high intensity white light LED illuminator.  Suitable for various of industrial application uses, Hemera E100 adapts the liquid light guide, and outputs high intensity white light; custom design thermal system allows the LED to work more than 30,000 hours.  Combining the benefits of LED instant on-off with easy of use operation with handle, Hemera E100 helps to achieve high efficiency industrial environment.  Flexible enough, YODN can customize the light output adapter to fit different ferrule sizes (Ø5 mm to Ø 14 mm).


YODN is a professional R&D and manufacturer of illuminator for testing, visual inspection, automated quality contral, UV curing and other light source system and equipment.

Industrial Applications

– Industrial Inspection Illumination
– AOI Illumination
– High-Speed Camera Illumination
– Industrial  Endoscope Illumination