EN1-SCMD4 4 universe DALI-2 controller

The EN1-SCMD4 is a 4 universe DALI-2 controller enabling dimming and switching of up to 256 individual addressable DALI devices including luminaires and iLight DALI relays. iLight DALI multisensors and control plates can be added to the DALI universes creating a complete DALI solution. Each DALI universe supports up to 64 groups and can monitor the performance of DALI addressable devices and report status back through iCANnet. Emergency light tests and reporting can also be instigated through this versitile lighting controller.

EN1-SCMD4 features direct DMX and RS485 control allowing the unit to be integrated with other systems. The switch inputs provide connection to fire or security systems or the use of remote switches and sensors. Additional switches and sensors can be connected onto the iCANnet network using iLight’s wide range of interfaces.

The compact design of EN1-SCMD4 delivers system flexibility as well as reducing installation costs and space used. Being part of the iLight system, it can be seamlessly integrated into flexible lighting schemes with any type of lighting load for commercial, architectural and residential applications. Integration with Building Management Systems allows for centralised control and management of the lighting system.

The knockouts to the top of the enclosure have been designed to line up with any of the original iLight source controllers making replacement quick and easy in a retrofit environment.

A dedicated knockout is provided for iCANnet connection to the EN1-SCMD4 and several accessories are available to aid the installer in connection of the iCANnet network.