is located in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has been in the market since 2018. The company’s main mission is to provide the music and movie industry with quality and affordable general merchandise.

Clients appreciate SMART TECHNOLOGY for its loyalty system, reliability in work at all stages and ease of cooperation. During its existence on the market the company has received many positive reviews and recommendations.

The main thing in the work of the company is quality. Employees closely monitor the condition of the goods, controlling them at the stages of receipt, storage and shipment. This reduces the risk of receiving defective products. In addition, a flexible discount system has been developed, thanks to which each customer receives favorable terms of cooperation.

By choosing SMART TECHNOLOGY, the customer chooses convenience: all the goods needed for the show or work are presented on one site. The company has more than 20 equipment suppliers from all over the world.

Please note: the company is engaged exclusively in wholesale trade.


Our team

Music is not a way to make a living. Music is a calling.

That’s why our company employs not just professionals, but true music lovers from all walks of life. We understand recordings, show business, productions, and the music industry in general.

Get to know our team a little better:

Tara Marinas
Sale manager

Idrak Marakhuly
Sale manager

Irina Konosova
Public Relations